Staying positive.The Best Way is by Self Esteem Affirmations.

Staying positive, is one of the essentials of a changed life. Do you really and truly get  that  statement? When you really assimilate that single  thought , believe me, wonders will happen.
Positive affirmations have the power to change your habitual  thinking patterns and your internal dialogues. Just stop for a day, and note what you are thinking. No, don’t judge, just listen. I must admit that the first time I did it, I was shocked. I thought I was a fairly positive person because I never said anything really negative “out loud.” But wow, the internal dialogue was a different story!

If staying positive by using positive affirmations is so simple you might ask, why isn’t everybody doing it? Probably because most people don’t really believe that staying positive by doing this can really get results. Not the type you can see yourself.

There is, however, a  practical  set of principles which are misleadingly simple yet effective, and I am going to tell you exactly how to benefit by them.

First, Define Your Standards

You may not consider yourself to be a person of low self esteem. After all, you are not one of those homeless people living in gutters with a  bottle of whisky stuck to their lips . However, don’t be deceived.  It is really  the little things that get us. You know, you are in a group and you are not really brave enough to comment. You find yourself looking at a colleague and thinking , How does she/ he have all that confidence. You  miss out on an interview when you know deep down you could have done the job well if only you could have got your ideas over better. Inside, we are all created equal. These incidents only mean that we are not consistently staying positive and that we don’t think we are as good as somebody else. So, now look at that “somebody else.” Or, just pick someone you admire, alive or dead. I sometimes think it is easier with someone you know. There is at least one person we observe often yearningly wishing we could be like that. Good, that  is the one.

Now, observe the actions of that person. Your subconscious  must be given  a specific idea of what you want.  Let’s say, the courage to speak your opinion in a group, (whether they think it is right or wrong). The courage to start a conversation with that girl that took your breath away at the bar and stopping thoughts like she will never want to talk to me. You will notice that mostly, it is something you do in front of others. Maybe it is just the way they come into a room. However, staying positive really is about making a list of actions that are typical of a confident person.

Your Formula – Postive Affirmations.

I know you have heard a lot from the self development  and wealthy gurus about affirmations. Sometimes the very words  “positive affirmations ” just  seem to stick in your throat. But, let’s be ruthlessly honest. They nearly all have one tiny-room-in-a-basement-apartment to luxury-villa stories. And we know, it is not all about wealth. We are aiming at a balanced, healthy, abundant lifestyle  and do you know, most of them  really are that way, they completely changed their life, firstly by  noticing their thoughts and then changing them.

Lets get to the point.

You need to follow four basic guidelines.

Your statements MUST be in the present tense. ( Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between future and present.) Incredible isn’t it!

They MUST be in the positive. (Don’t forget once again, staying positive is your aim) so do not put in any negatives. e.g. don’t , no, can’t, won’t e.g. I don’t want to be always poor.

They need to be action-driven. ( Here, you will use the actions you listed in step one)

Let’s look at a few.

I talk sense, so I am happy to speak my mind.

I get on well with people and people like my company.

I follow up my exercise program every day.

What do these affirmations have in common? Let’s look.

  • They’re all in the present tense
  • They’re all affirmative
  • They’re all in the first person
  • They point to a specific action

Get your affirmations on paper. (I would not advise too many for a start.) You are trying to clean out all the garbage in your subconscious. You are bent on staying positive from now on. It has taken you years to pile it up!   Have you got those done? Good. Now the next step is to fix these specific affirmations in your subconscious.

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Rehearse them!

Now you must start the repetition process furrow  new neural pathways in your brain. What I am trying to impress on you, is don’t slack off or stop. You know, most people attempt them for a week or maybe two, and then see no VISIBLE change and then stop. What you have to do is to take just a few, maybe three affirmations, for a start and work on them. I must warn you that at first you probably won’t notice anything. Just do it anyway. Make it into a habit. Do it especially at the beginning and ending of the day. Do it before a habitual specific action. e.g. before or after you clean your teeth. By the way, don’t mumble them to yourself  with a mouth full of toothpaste or even say them mentally. No, say them determinedly and out loud. Later, when this habit is as normal as putting on your socks, you can start to add them at midday. Also, during the day, e.g .after going to the loo, say them. Before you go into a social situation. Say them. Staying positive will be a natural result of your affirmations.

You may still be a little bit dubious that such a simple process can bring such profound changes. I was dubious too, until I read about Louise Hay. Her life story is enough to convince even the most skeptical!

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